The Aloha Spirit, its alive in everyone from Hawaii. It drives people to love, share and respect. In the pacific there are so many different ethnic groups and in Hawaii they live and share and respect each other's culture. Food is one of the ways people all over the world share their culture, and the food in Hawaii is fantastic!

When family (ohana) gets together, favorite foods from all over the Pacific rim is shared, the embrace of a loved one is shared, the latest gossip from the coconut connection is shared and knowledge and wisdom is shared.

This is what Pacific Rim is about. Its about sharing the Aloha Spirit, talking story with people and excepting people as family with a big warm hug. With years of experience in the food industry and customer service field.

Kanani and Blaise wish to share our life, our experiences and our food with you, and hope to make you part of our ohana. Catch our food truck around the Valley and book us for events and catering- we even offer sushi classes for events as well.

Blaise Aki

Chef/Owner - Pacific Rim and Sushi

I am a Hawaiian Chef that excels at all cuisine of the pacific. A Marine Corps veteran and a family man. I've been a chef for over 35+ years having formal training at western culinary institute and formal sushi training. I have held every Food & Beverage position from dishwasher to regional chef. I love to workout, almost as much as I love food.

Want to learn more about me? Click here for my conversation with VoyagePhoenix!

Kanani Aki

Manager/Owner - Pacific Rim and Sushi

Growing up on west side of Oahu, I have enjoyed all the island flavors that Hawaii has to offer. In the past 18 years I have managed plate lunch style dining restaurants and have 35 years of customer service. I trained at wok cooking and sushi, having been trained by 2 of the top sushi chefs in Arizona. As a mother of 5, I work hard, so I can play hard.